About Us

People Like Us is about connecting with others, growing within our beliefs and seeing what positive things can happen. We want to encourage participation, learning and sharing. You can find out more about us too.


Connecting with others, growing within our beliefs and seeing what positive things can happen … 



PLUS believes in taking part:

  • as volunteers
  • in social action
  • in the world around us to make a positive change


PLUS believes we grow through learning:

  • with each other
  • from each other
  • as individuals and collectively


PLUS believes that we are all connected:

  • we can achieve more when we come together in our diversity
  • we are responsible for one another
  • we can by sharing knowledge, skills, resources and networks, help each other

Values: What does this mean in practice?


  • Participation comes in many forms: as volunteers organising PLUS activities; by presenting at PLUS events; as individual participants at PLUS events and as supporters both financially or in kind, of PLUS activities.
  • We are all participants in events that we plan for ourselves as volunteers – there are no consumers.
  • PLUS presenters are also participants in other presenters’ sessions.
  • We intend our activities to have practical consequence for the benefit of our communities and wider society.
  • We encourage all participants to join us as volunteers and take ownership of PLUS activities.


  • We believe everyone can be a teacher and everyone should be a student.
  • We believe interfaith contact is a key enabler of mutual understanding.
  • Where controversial topics are concerned, PLUS does not have a ‘position’ – it will seek to use these challenges as learning opportunities.
  • PLUS intends to learn from its processes and activities and improve in any way it can.
  • We believe we can learn from our mistakes.


  • We value choice, diversity and accessibility in all our activities.
  • We seek to have the greatest possible diversity of participants in our activities.
  • We seek to be sensitive and accommodate diversity in shared public space.
  • What we can do together we shall seek to do together, what we must do separately we will do separately (eg allow for separate prayer spaces to be privately organised).


  • We believe that each individual should be treated without an assumption as to what their religious or non-religious beliefs or practices may mean to them.
  • There will be no dress code; men and women will mix freely in public spaces.
  • Participants come as individuals rather than to represent a faith, belief, denomination or organisation.


  • We expect our participants to act respectfully to each other.
  • The PLUS environment is one of trust and openness, respectful discourse and nuanced understanding and, equally, welcomes robustness and rigour of thought.
  • We recognise the distinctiveness of different beliefs.
  • The PLUS environment does not welcome those who are seeking either explicitly or tacitly to convert others.
  • The PLUS environment does not seek to give importance to one philosophy over another, rather encourages participants to acknowledge other people’s traditions and experiences.
  • We believe it is important to make presenters’ biographies clear enough to aid informed choice.


  • We are committed to treating all of our participants, and all sessions presented, with equal respect.
  • PLUS will ask all participants to pay for their attendance at PLUS events.
  • PLUS will put aside hierarchies and titles, instead preferring to use people’s first names.


  • PLUS seeks to be welcoming to all and accepts that it is not going to appeal to everyone.
  • PLUS seeks to lower the barriers to inclusion when possible. E.g. ensuring those who can’t afford to participate are enabled to do so.


  • PLUS is comprised of individual participants and is independent from any other organisation.
  • PLUS aims to be financially self sustaining.